My Tour at Centre Pompidou

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This year I wisely chose a English Language Tour of the Baselitz Exhibition at Centre Pompidou
We assembled for the English Language Tour, and it turns out, I was the only participant
I had expected to let the lecture flow over me, where I picked up what was interesting, but otherwise a passive experience
This turned out to be a more demanding hour-and-one-half, where the leader spoke only to me, and being me, I felt obliged to ask questions and listen more actively.
As the leader stated, this was like a V.I.P.
Baselitz is not one of the top 50 Modern Art Artists, but maybe quite close

Here are some Observations
(it is obvious that I love Paris, Centre Pompidou, the things that make Paris different)

Tickets and Entry: During COVID, lines are shorter, more people buy tickets in advance
(the result is the the line people without tickets is very short, no wait – this who buy tickets in advance wait in a long line) Extraordinary

At Le Louvre there are several kiosks with Museum Maps for every imaginable language (actually all-but-one kiosk is open during COVID, and many Gift Shop Kiosks are also closed) At Centre Pompidou, when I asked for an English Language Map, the attendant said “No” and pointed me to a image I could scan to view the map on my 6″ phone screen

The scope of the exhibition was massive. Works from his early days, through his whole life, large paintings exhibited in huge galleries
I’d seen this with exhibits for Toulouse La Trec (and El Greco) at the Grand Palais
I also saw this at a Soutine/De Kooning exhibit at L’Orangerie this year
That (and the Bread) are reasons to visit Paris – even with the COVID, even with the airlines and airports

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