Instant Coffee (and 1st Class)

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I drink instant coffee, the dry powder (“freeze-dried”) like the astronauts drink
The reasoning is, to drink generic coffee on a daily basis, so that when you can have a premium coffee drink, that it can truly be appreciated. Keep your standards and expectations low, so that you can appreciate the extraodinary.
The new guy at work, shared that it is the same way as flying 1st Class.
You can easily slip into flying 1st Class.
Flying economy is increasingly a real challenge: the cramped quarters, the seat in front of you reclined so that it is practically in your chin, the portly lady across from you who crashes into you with her buttock every time she leaves her seat, the restricted movement which put pressure on your tail-bone . . .
So in 2021 there were two trips abroad (making up for 2020 trips)
The first trip was very challenging, as travel started to resume, with major staffing challenges at airports
(there was a minor skirmish with an elderly French couple on the plane, just like you hear on social media)
Then when checking COVID credentials on the second trip, my seat was changed – moved forward four rows into business class, and I discovered a whole new world.

You board the jet before everyone else,
No problem with earphone jacks (there are headphones) and a bottle of water waiting for you
There are upscale movies (even a remote control), your legs extend all the way (almost fully reclined like a lazy-boy)
You are provided with a tooth brush, sleeping mask, ear plugs and even a pair of socks (thin and breathable) to wear during the flight.
Before the inflight meal, they spread a white table cloth over the larger than standard seat table.
The meal had many courses and choices
(when I inquired about this cheesy soft custard pudding, she asked if I wanted another)
We were first on – and first off
How can I ever go back, if I can afford it

(although reviewing my spending – maybe I can’t afford it everytime)

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