Abbesses (Métro Line 12)

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Abbesses is the deepest metro station in Paris
38 meters (118 feet) up from the tracks to the foot of Sacré-Cœur

Which compares to . . .
Paris Catacombs: 20 meters down (65 feet)
Arc de Triomphe: 60 meters up (197 feet)
Notre Dame Tower: 69 meters up (226 feet)


On my very first visit to Paris, I insisted that we climb up and out of the Abbeses Metro
to “best experience” Paris’s deepest Metro (instead of waiting for the elevator)
Then, there is the walk up another some 270 stairs (36 meters) to Sacré-Cœur
(so many steps that there is a funicular “tram” up the “Mont” (Montmartre) to the Basilica at the price of another Metro Ticket)
Again I insisted that we hike-up to Sacré-Cœur to “best experience” Paris
This seriously damaged the relationship with my companion
(perhaps, she had a different concept of the Paris “experience”)
After a wonderful lunch (where they didn’t accept credit cards, and I had to ask her for cash) the trip suffered a devastating first day and never really recovered)

I blame myself
but I also blame Abbesses, the deepest metro station in Paris

Abbesses: Paris Métro Station for Montmartre and Amélie Fans

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