rue Lepic (Montmartre)

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rue Lepic, Paris

The rue Lepic (which climbs up through Montmartre) is our favorite street in Paris
Once we drop our bags at the Hotel, it is our first destination
We pass the Montmartre Cemetery and the Moulin Rouge, before turning left up rue Lepic

It is easy to see how this was an ancient road
n°15, brasserie Café des 2 Moulins where the film Amélie was set
n°54, studio of Van Gogh and his brother Théo, on the third floor, from 1886 to 1888

across the Street Naturalia, a good health food store
n°12 rue de la gare, a great Boulangerie, Le Grenier à Pain

At some point during our stay, we will ascend the hills of Montmartre on rue Lepic to Sacre Couer

Montmartre is the Artists District, where familiar painters walked these street
Montmartre, 1880–1900 The Met
Vincent van Gogh the van gogh route

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