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Pain Poilâne (Bread)

Our first day in Paris, we visit our favorite boulangerie and purchase a baguette covered with seeds (Baguette aux Céréales)

Days later during our visit, we may be less inclined to make a special trip to a legendary bread store, and just pick up the packaged loaf of sliced Poilâne at the grocery store instead.
This bag of bread lasts several days – we bring the last few slices back home. When we finish the last slice back in Chicago, we are reminded why we go to Paris.

One of the reasons I moved to Paris is that I could, whenever I wanted to, go to Poilâne and buy myself a nice chunk of pain Poilâne
-David Lebovitz

Poilâne (The New Yorker)

Lionel Poilane, The Baker (CBS Sunday Morning)

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