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Pain Poilâne (Bread)

Our first day in Paris, we visit our favorite boulangerie and purchase a seeded baguette (Bagette Cereal)

Days later during our visit, we may be less inclined to make a special trip to a special store, and pick up the packaged loaf of sliced Poilâne at the grocery store.
This bag of bread lasts several days, we bring the last few slices back home. When we finished the last slice, after returning to Chicago, we are reminded why we go to Paris.

One of the reasons I moved to Paris is that I could, whenever I wanted to, go to Poilâne and buy myself a nice chunk of pain Poilâne David Lebovitz

Poilâne (The New Yorker)

Lionel Poilane, The Baker (CBS Sunday Morning)

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