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I am skeptical of Macarons
They look so nice
But sometimes that’s where it ends

The outer crisp rounds are not always crisp
The flavors (oh, I expect these wonderful French Flavorings) are sometimes overly sweet

I heard of Giant Macrons at Bouchon Bakery in NYC filled with buttercream frosting
(why would you want that much sugar? – even so, I am interested)

Chicago Versions of Macarons (at the French Market Place)
Looks wonderful
They were packaged in a beautiful box
but they tasted old and stale

In Paris at Eric Kayser
The Macarons are delicious, but why they are in short supply?
They store them packaged in the freezer, which guarantees they are fresh
but the package have a ‘lame” selection of brown and beige macarons
I am in Paris, buying Macarons “blocks” from the Louvre . . .
(I expect “amazing” french flavorings and colors, but was a little disappointed)

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