10 Days of Cheese

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A couple years ago, I learned of the 12 Days of Cheese at Whole Foods
(Discounted cheese on the 12 Days of Christmas)

I think that we discovered that the prices for these cheeses was so high, that even with a discount, this wasn’t such a good deal after-all, but we love investigating the cheeses each year.

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We hardly ever buy from Fromageries (cheese shops) in Paris, maybe we should
(we are often wrong)

Last year, the plan was to buy a different cheese each of our 10 days in Paris
We always buy Chaussée aux Moines, because its our tradition
(a generic processed kinda-rubbery-hockey-puck French cheese)
Actually Camembert Le Rustique is our favorite cheese, mass produced but less processed

We saved the cheese labels into a zip lock every day, like they are labels soaked off of a wine bottle

There are the memorable cheese experiences over the years:

In Bercy we bought a Cheese Plate Sampler at the small grocery
(and found a wonderful assortment of soft, rummy and ripe cheeses)

On Boulevard Raspail in Monparnasse, a grocery store had some over-ripe cheese available at a discount. It was a perfect Morbier

(in New York city, at Zabar’s, the culinary temple, they occasionally have a runny gorgonzola, scooped out of a round wooden cheese crate-container) One of our Favorite Cheeses

As you may gather, we appreciate stinky cheese
(some even refer this quality as “Barnyard”)

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