We are often Wrong

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We delight in telling people that we are often WRONG
(but don’t know if my employer appreciates this)

This goes in line with “knowing what you don’t know”
And being willing to make mistakes (but learning from those mistakes)

We realize that we might be wrong, when we say:

We don’t go to fromageries (cheese shops) and would rather find a good grocery store
(also, we almost always eat the cheese rind whenever possible)

We don’t go to Cafés for coffee and will look for the nearest McDonalds which makes a good Café Allongé
(we don’t go to McDonald’s in Chicago, we go to Dunkin Donuts, which is not in Paris, YET)

We don’t buy wines at specialty Wine Shops, and again find a good grocery story

We don’t climb the Eiffel Tower The long lines freak-us-out

We haven’t visited the Rodin Museum or Picasso Museum
(There is so much Rodin and Picasso in Public Spaces and Museums, that we don’t need more) but we are probably wrong

We do search for the maker of the Best Baguettes in Paris
(although Paris Poilâne Bread is available at every grocery and we always bring some home)

After viewing this list, you will appreciate which we are fond of saying We are Often Wrong


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