buffet de petit déjeuner

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Breakfast Buffet
Le petit déjeuner est le repas le plus important de la journée
(breakfast is the most important meal of the day)

One year, our room included the Breakfast Buffet
(it is now something that we seek-out with every hotel, when possible)
If it is a huge franchise hotel, it will be extraordinary and predictable
If it is a smaller hotel, we will probably avoid it

This can be an extravagant all you can eat buffet
(it adds on about $30 to your bill)

For $30 you could explore all kinds of restaurants and cafes
And really discover Paris
(one of our favorites, “McDonalds” cost $10)

But these Breakfast Buffets are convenient . . .
They open early
There is no seating or tipping situation
They are clean, usually fresh and predictable
They are a set price, no surprises
-Juices and Waters
-Fruits and Yogurt
-Cheeses, Meats and Fish
-Toast and Breads
-A Variety of Eggs
-Coffee and Teas
(as well as things that we would hopefully avoid (bacon, sausage, pototos)

And its it an impressive group of well heeled people
(but-for the guy who looks like he came from the gym, in gym trunks, t-shirt and flip-flops)
I should have snapped a picture

Our favorite Breakfast Buffets:
Hôtel Le Louis, Versailles (Sofitel) *****
Hôtel Pullman Paris Centre (Bercy) *****
Hotel Sofitel Paris La Défense ***

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