COVID Virtual Paris (for the Holidays)

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Le Grenier

For the first time in many years, we are not in Paris for the Holidays
We’ll miss this wonderful place where we don’t speak the language (so well). We will miss that challenge of basic communication
There is an empty space, we can feel the void, but are talking steps to make-do:

After a morning on our feet, walking museum galleries, we actually watch lots of French television in great hotel rooms
– We have CNN (International) so we can watch Richard Quest
– We have a Sling “French Bouquet” package of French Television and TV5Monde
– We have Disney Plus and can watch French Language versions of classic Disney, just like we do in Paris
During this Pandemic, virtual tours are abundant online (such as tours of Paris)
We can visit the Museum web sites
Maybe we can listen to Church Services online
(we can open all those French (art, travel and language) from our book-shelves – dusty books which have sit dormant most years)

We have considered throwing-on the French scarf and taking long walks, perhaps walking cemeteries (as we do in Paris)
Maybe we could don our funny Paris hat or a Beret – though it seems you need to reign-things-in when out “on the street where you live”
(we realize the benefit of travel, that anonymity)

Food and Drink
Looking around for the best Chicago-Version of a great French Baguette, there is plenty of Fromage and Pâté
And many choices for Champagne or fizzy French Bottled Water

The Mysterious Places
We always knew of Chicago’s potential to present exotic experiences even within a mile of our house
On any given day, we can take an alternate route which is strange and interesting
And its easy to find a neighborhood place where the don’t-speak-English-so-good,
(in fact I could walk there from where I live)

I can watch French films,
I can read (or listen to) French Books
I can Babbel my French Lessons

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