Chez Denise (Paris)

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Chez Denise
chez denise 1

First (1st) Visit
After many trips to Paris for the Holidays (where it seemed that the restaurant was closed between Christmas and New Years, I finally visited Chez Denise in the spring

Ordered a “salad”! A workman’s portion, plenty for 2 or 3. Basic Fresh Salad, maybe Frisee with wonderful Olive Oil dressing
(maybe I should just go for a salad and dessert)
I also had Mutton, which I have never had. Mutton in Beans. The Mutton which is very fatty was well cooked, scorched and blackened, but a huge filling dish.
And I ordered the house Brouilly (a top cru from Beaujolais that comes in a liter bottle with a house label)
Chez Denise

Next Time:
Tete de Veaul (Veal Head)
Steak Tartar
Haddock in Buerre Blanc
Andouette (Garlic)
Beef Daube (which I imagine they will do well

From Yelp! Review:
if they have lapin (rabbit) au moutarde, get it!
onglet brochettes which is hanger steak kabob
the best steak tartare and frites to die for
End your meal with either a baba au rum or floating island if you have room. And toast Paris, Chez Denise and everyone around you with at least one glass of vieux pruneue

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